Mozilla L10n Meetup (4–6 January 2020


Mozilla l10n Urdu volunteers gathered in Malaysia from 4th January 2020 to 6th January 2020. Out of 8 invited members, only 6 could reach the event which includes  Umer Tanveer (Pakistan), Tanzeel Khan (India), Faisal Aziz (India), Mahtaab Alam (India), Aamir Raza(India) and. Shahbaz Alam (India)

Adeel Tahir (Pakistan) & Musaeb Khan (Pakistan) were not able to join because of unforeseen visa & travel issues caused at the last minute.

In our preliminary call, we recognized the problem of the Urdu language as well as the community. To overcome challenges we need community on the same page. A detailed discussion took place which helped us to make our Agenda and goals for this meeting. Following are the area we focused on:

  • Project Priorities & focus areas
  • Accountability Matrix for contributors
  • Project Resources & Urdu Language Glossary
  • Team Collaboration & Communication
  • Recognition
  • Team Expansion
  • On-Boarding
  • Roles Definition

Project Priorities & focus areas

In Project Priorities and focus area, we discussed about the importance of the project as per the Policy of Mozilla. We organized and distributed  project as per priority assigned by Mozilla

Accountability Matrix for contributors

We designed and Developed some Matrix or in simple words criteria to judge the performance of a contributor. In this, we all agreed that performance cannot be measured by number of strings but it should be measured by Quality of string.

Team Collaboration & Communication

To enhance team communication and collaboration we planned to organize a monthly call to keep track of localization projects and goals.


In the past, our Urdu localization community have no recognition system. Contributors keep working but not recognized. We planned to recognize contributors by recognizing new translators by social media and giving swags upon achieving goals (if they retain) for a defined time.

Team Expansion & On-Boarding

All of the participants agreed on expanding our team and we agreed on the goal of 30% expansion from the current level. We will try to expand or increase the team and try to retain it in future.

Roles Definition

With detailed discussion, we managed to organize this ownership table according to priority of Mozilla. From now onward Firefox project will be responsibility of every contributor and translator. While  other project details are as follow


Side Notes

  • On boarding of new members should pass a test of approx 100 words so that we can judge that the translation will be done with a certain precision.
  • Font needs to be changed to Nastaleeq, initially to and then, later on, all the projects.
  • Creation of Style guide and Guideline
  • Pontoon Info Page & Pontoon Wiki Page Update
  • We prepared a glossary so that the consistency of the projects will be maintained. And the same glossary would be helpful for the new members contributing.
  • Yearly Plan Development


    In the end i would like to thank our host and Mozilla staff for constant support and showing trust on us

    Thank You

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